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Wirehaired pointing Griffon

(Korthals Griffon)

This versatile hunting breed was created and developed in the 1860s- 1870s by Edward K Korthals who, although lived in Germany, was himself a Dutchman. It was around this time that many of the German HPR breeds we see today were being created and developed. There was much crossbreeding in France where interest had generated when Korthals served as an agent to the Duke of Penthievre.  Korthals developed this breed for coat type which should be hard and coarse with heavy beard & eyebrows, love of water and intelligence. The KG stands at around 22-24 inches so is some what smaller than the average GWP. 


This breed was in evidence in Germany by the late 1800s. Probably one of the oldest of the German rough haired hunting breeds, and possibly the closest tie to the early German pointer. The Stichelhaar stands at about 22-26 inches. This is an extremely rugged and powerful dog which is sturdily built. The Stichelhaar also known as Deuscher Stichelhaariger Vorstehhund or German broken coated pointer is best known for its excellent water work, as well as its retrieving and tracking abilities. Although the Stichelhaar is very similar to the GWP in appearance, the Stichelhaar has a very harsh, short, flat lying coat which is hard and wiry. Unlike the GWP this should not be noticeable until the coat is touched. They have only a moderate moustache, eyebrows and feathering of belly, chest, legs & tail. These dogs are adequate pointers, but are lacking in areas of field work and intelligence.


The Pudelpointer was created in the late 1800s and stands at about 24-26ins tall. It is a combination of Barbets (ancestors of poodles) & pointers. From these early dogs the pudelpointer has inherited intelligence, love of water and natural retrieving ability. They are not however renowned for their forest hunting abilities. The coat colour is liver with small amounts of white on the chest & paws allowed. Coat type is short, hard, coarse and thick. They have a slight beard and eyebrow.