When placing a German Wirehaired Pointer we require that the future owner agrees to, and signs the agreement below. We will not place a GWP if the prospective owner does not agree to the conditions listed. 

We are responsible breeders and actively encourage owners to contact us if they feel they require support. No issue is too small or large, if it is concerning the owner we like to do our best to offer advice and support. We do not expect owners to be in regular contact, but the odd update is always welcome. We will actively support owners if the time arises that they are unable to continue ownership of their GWP. If such a time does arise we will do our best to find a suitable home for the GWP. If this is not possible and a home is needed urgently we will house the GWP until such a time that a suitable home can be found.   

All German Wirehaired Pointers bred by us are registered with the UK Kennel Club with breeding and Export endorsements included on their Registration papers. We will not place a GWP without endorsements. These endorsements are in place to protect the health and welfare of the breed. In doing this we are attempting to ensure that only quality GWP'S from carefully bred litters are produced, and managed responsibly. 

If endorsements are not removed, the breeder of the litter would not be able to register resulting puppies with the UK Kennel club or apply for an export pedigree. The resulting puppies/GWP's would also not be eligible to be entered in Kennel Club affiliated events such as working tests, field trials, agility events, conformation shows etc. Any possible future offspring from these puppies would also not be eligible for registration on the Kennel Club breed register. 

We have on occasion removed the endorsement from GWPs we have bred. They have gone on to produce quality litters that have been responsibly managed by the breeder and on occasion supported by us. We will consider removing the endorsement on a case by case basis, and will happily discuss this with the owner if they feel that they would like to produce a litter from their dog or bitch.  

                                                                         MUSTWORK GWP’S






THIS AGREEMENT is made this      day of                    20 




 Phone:                                              Email:

(Hereinafter called “the seller”)


Phone                                                   Email:


(Hereinafter called “the buyer”)


WHEREAS it is hereby agreed as follows:


  1. The seller agrees to sell to the buyer a German Wirehaired Pointer (hereinafter called “the puppy/gwp”) a more detailed description of which is contained in the First schedule hereto SUBJECT TO any special conditions contained in the second schedule hereto

  2. The seller will provide as part of the purchase price:- £
    (a) A copy of five generation pedigree
    (b) Kennel Club Registration Certificate- if the Registration Certificate is not available at the date of this Agreement the seller confirms that he/she will forward the Certificate to the Buyer as soon as possible following receipt from the Kennel Club
    (c) Option for insurance cover
    (d) Worming record
    (e) Feed chart
    (f) Information as to care and maintenance specific to the breed
    (g) copy of docking certificate                                                                                                                                                                                               (h) Vaccination record 

  1.  In so far as he/she is able, not being a veterinary surgeon, the seller certifies that at the date hereof and to all outward appearances the puppy/gwp is of sound body and temperament and in good health, free of communicable diseases

  2. The Buyer accepts the puppy/gwp as seen at the date hereof and under the terms of this agreement

  3. The Buyer will ensure that the puppy/gwp is examined to its general health and condition by a veterinarian of his choice within seventy two (72) hours of purchase.

  4. The Buyer confirms that he/she acquires the puppy/gwp as a future working gundog and/or family companion

  5. The Buyer certifies that he/she will not use the puppy/gwp in any form of inhumane treatment or for any illegal activity.

  6.  If the Buyer becomes unable or decides not to keep the puppy/gwp at any time during its lifetime he/she will immediately contact the Seller for support.





9.        The Buyer having Carried out his/her obligation under clause 6 hereof, should the puppy/gwp be found to be in ill health during the first week from the date hereof or suffering from any inherited disease, which impairs its function as a working gundog then, and only then upon the return of the Puppy/gwp, SUBJECT TO examination by the seller’s own veterinary surgeon and PROVIDED THAT any such ill health is NOT due to the inappropriate treatment of the puppy by the Buyer, the Seller agrees to replace the puppy/gwp with a puppy/gwp of similar quality, or make a refund of the purchase price less any deductions incurred by the seller incidental in re-homing the puppy/gwp or otherwise.

10.The Seller reserves the right to seek independent third party veterinary advice in respect of any dispute arising under this Agreement 

11. The parties hereto shall be responsible for their own cost and expenses arising out of any dispute under this Agreement.


                                                                   SCHEDULE ONE


Registered name:



Date of Birth:



UK Kennel Club Registration no:

Microchip No:


                                                                       SCHEDULE TWO



This restriction may be lifted at the discretion of the Seller, once the said puppy/gwp reaches his/her 2nd birthday and under all of the following conditions:

1.      The animal is of sound temperament, a good example of the breed, and has proved him/herself to be worthy of breeding

2.      The Buyer ensures by official health testing that the animal is free from any health defects and NOT used for commercial breeding

3.      The Buyer has suitable facilities in which to rear a litter.

4.      The Buyer ensures that the chosen mate is ALL of the above and a GWP/DD registered with the Kennel Club (or equivalent) of their country of residence.

5.      The Buyer ensures that all surviving puppies produced are registered with the Kennel Club (or equivalent) of their country of residence

6.      The Buyer ensures the above endorsements (X) + (R)  (or equivalent depending on their country of residence) are in place on all puppies produced before they are sold/placed in new homes

7.      The Buyer ensures that he/she is responsible for the lifetime of any puppy produced, and will take back or actively assist in re-homing  the puppy/gwp to a suitable environment if such a time should arise 



SIGNED by the Seller                                                0/0/20



SIGNED by the Buyer                                               0/0/20